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"Ready Aim Execute" or even worse, "Ready Execute Aim." Implementation or execution simply isn’t a one shot deal. Strategy execution is a process, with important relationships among key variables, decisions and actions, not a quick fix marked by simple clichs, such as: "Give him the ball
and let him run with it. Failure to see and appreciate the interdependence or interaction among key factors strategy, structure, incentives, controls, coordination, culture, change, etc. is a costly mistake that detracts from strategy
execution success. The complexity of the implementation process also results in managers ignoring the execution process, an issue I mentioned earlier. A mistake I’ve observed occasionally is that a good strategy is seen as sufficient to motivate effective execution. The assumption is that solid execution will come naturally, as people see the benefits and logic of the strategic plan and act accordingly to foster execution success. This assumption rarely,

So why not use all that kinetic energy? Via piezoelectric devices, that’s now possible. Piezoelectricity comes from substances that generate current when they are compressed, bent or stretched. The most common application is lighting stoves (the lighter uses a piezoelectric material to generate a spark). Now some inventors have proposed using these materials in objects that humans come into contact with and move. For example, dance floors, roads or sidewalks. Walking or even driving on the surfaces would put pressure on embedded piezoelectric materials, which could then send an electrical current out to be used to power lights. Other ideas include embedding these materials into backpacks that would generate power for soldiers, who might be walking far from base camp. Tiny devices embedded into special knee braces could also create energy from walking. In 2008 the East Japan Railway Company experimented with a power generating floor, which produced enough to power ticket kiosks. It isn’t

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