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of asbestos exposure date back to 1898, when the Chief Inspector of Factories of the United Kingdom reported to Parliament in his Annual Report about the "evil effects of asbestos dust". He noted that the "sharp, glass like nature of the particles" when allowed to remain suspended in the air, "have been found to be injurious, as might have been expected". In 1906 a British Parliamentary Commission confirmed the first
NHL jerseys cases of asbestos related deaths in Bristish factories and called for improved ventilation and other safety measures. In 1918 an American insurance company produced a study showing premature deaths in the asbestos industry in the United States and in 1926 the Massachusetts Industrial Accidents Board processed the first successful compensation claim by a sick asbestos worker. Today, lawsuits claiming compensation for asbestos related illnesses are a growth industry in the legal profession. An internet search of "mesothelioma lawyer" yields 1,910,000 results.

truly connected to the democratic process." In the survey,
Wholesale NFL jerseys 58 per cent of 18 24 year olds who said they were very unlikely to vote at the next election claimed that compulsory voting would make either no difference to this decision (38 per cent), or make them even less likely to vote (20 per cent). "From this we can infer that the introduction of compulsory voting would merely serve to reinforce existing feelings of resentment perhaps even make young people more susceptible to parties with antidemocratic tendencies especially those of the far right," Professor Henn warns. Surprisingly, perhaps, the survey also reveals that young people are actually more open minded about politics (as opposed to politicians) than many people might think. Nearly two thirds (63 per cent) of young people claim at least some interest in politics. Furthermore, young people appear to maintain some faith in electoral politics: more than half (57 per cent) state that they are committed to the principle of voting and 64 per

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